MCQ’s in pharmacy practice

  1. Which of the following is not involved in the presentation of seasonal allergic rhinitis ?
  • a. leukotrienes
  • b. prostaglandind
  • c. osteocytes
  • d. basophils
  • e. mast cells

2. Symptoms of vaginal candidiasis that warrant referral include all except?

  • a. vaginal discharge
  • b.abdominal pain
  • c. fever
  • d. diabetes
  • e. pregnancy

3. An appropriate laxative preparation for an elderly patient who is bedridden is :

  • a. biscodyl
  • b.senna
  • c.magnesium sulphate
  • d.lactulose
  • e.liquid paraffin

4. All of the following drugs effect the renin-angiotensin system except :-

  • a.hydralazine
  • b.valsartan
  • c.losartan
  • d.perindopril
  • e.lisinopril

5. A significant clinical interaction may occur if lithium is administered concomitantly with :

  • a. paroxetine
  • b.glibenclamide
  • d.atenolol
  • e.nifedipine

6. Celecoxib is

  • a. is as effective as diclofenac
  • b.provides protection against ischaemic cardiovascular events
  • c. is indicated for long term use in osteoarthritis
  • d. is not contraindicated in patients with cardiovascular disease
  • e. is marketed under the proprietary name Mobic

7. Alfuzosin is used in benign prostatic hyperplasia because it

  • a. lowers blood pressure
  • b. decreases urinary flow
  • c. constricts smooth muscle
  • d. increases bladder capacity
  • e. relaxes smooth muscles

8. Which of the following antibacterial agent is not present for systemic use ?

  • a. sodium fusidate
  • b.vancomycin
  • c.gentamycin
  • d.mupirocin
  • e.doxycycline

9. Human Pappiloma virus vaccine Gardasil :

  • a. may be administered to females from 9 years onwards
  • b.eliminates the need for routine cervical screening
  • c. is administered by intramuscular injection as a single dose
  • d. is a bivalent vaccine
  • e. requires the administration of 5 doses for a complete course

10. Bupivacaine:

  • a. has a rapid onset of action
  • b. is suitable for continous epidura analgesia in labour
  • c. is of short duration of action
  • d. is used in dentistry
  • e. is present in Xylocaine


  1. c
  2. a
  3. d
  4. a
  5. a
  6. a
  7. a
  8. d
  9. a
  10. b

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