Steroids II

Continuation of the previous post, this article will also talk about various compounds in the market, I have tried to include some really interesting ones which may or may not be running in the market now, but its fascinating to know the story behind them. I received few comments that steroids aren’t very dangerous the way media tries to portray or alcohol and smoking is worse than them.

“There are people who have done it all their lives, and they have walked away with minimum damage, and there are some who took few doses and got insidious onset of symptoms, ranging from psychological impact to bladder problems“.

True, steroids haven’t caused much problems compared to alcohols or smoking, that is also because the number of people who consume alcohol and smoke up is very high compared to steroid users, and also because we know what alcohol and smoking can do, and to some extent it is predictable. To say what a steroidal compound can do is a bit difficult, and the dose response with each synthetic or natural molecule can bring also can’t be predicted.

This post is only for awareness and not for consultation purposes. Consultation should always be taken from a health care practitioner, or if any supervision is needed.

Coming back to compounds, here are few of them.

Equipoise (Boldenone undecylenate)

These days the stress of competition is so great that athletes can take up any route to gain an edge, and hence this has resulted in exploiting even veterinary streroids. Equipoise is a veterinary steroid which is used for muscle hardness and strength. Its effects are strongly anabolic and weakly androgenic. Like insulin , the injection sites are to be rotated or oil abscess can be formed.

It is a derivative of testosterone, and an oil based steroid. Its toxicity levels are low, athletes don’t use it alone, instead they use this with other anabolics for either cutting or strength building. The good part is lack of water retention and lack of side effects is beneficial for athletes, the sad part is it has to be used in conjunction with other steroids which leads to more expenses monthly.

This compound is pretty common in the precontest times for two main reasons. First it has low amount of aromatization, and secondly very little water retention.

Side effects- This list contains most of the side effects which a user mught experience, but in no means he or she might get all of them.

Men might experience- Acne, and leukopenia, early flu like symptoms might go off but other symptoms which can be like peptic ulcer might show up. Excitation similar to roid rage can also happen and people have experienced it. Increase of libido is common too

Women- post menstrual bleeding, deepening of voice, hoarseness, menstrual irregularities, gynocomastia.

Growth Hormone

There two versions of this hormone, one from the pituitary gland of cadavers, and the another one is a synthetic form which was made because the human origin was infectious and some received the Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease , a rare form of neuro degenerative disorder which can cause dementia, personality changes and death eventually. No cure exists as of yet.

For some reason the 191 amino acid sequence was found to be more effective than the 192 amino acid sequence. GH is naturally in high amounts during the teenage years when the body is growing towards maturity, its levels decrease and remain in substantial low amounts when the body has reached it’s maturity.

Athletes use this compound mainly to bring back the effects of building more muscle mass and to help breaking down the fat levels. Growth hormone closely resembles HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) which is produced by the placenta during implantation of the embryo .

GH is one of the most expensive drug to be available in the market, and athletes combine its use with other steroids to exploit it. It continues to be bought in the market.

Its side effects can include, over growth of the joints, acromegaly and overgrowth of head and feet.

Insulin Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF)

It is a freeze dried white powder that requires refrigeration and is light sensitive. It is a structural homologue of insulin that exhibits insulin like activity, but it does not regulate the glucose. Its level increases with GH levels, because GH exerts its effects with the help of IGF-1. In weight lifting, it seems to have positive effects like maintaining nitrogen balance, lowering LDL cholesterol, normalises hypoglycemia and hyperinsulinemia, increase in strength.

It has a short half life of 10 minutes, but when combined with IGFBP-3 (IGF binding protein-3) the half life is extended to between 6-16 hours which is a much more usable time duration. This product is very hard to get, you need to so someone who knows someone, or be a research student in a well equipped lab who is working on it.


Using compounds exogeneously is extremely risky, for some people its a professional choice they have to take in order to win a competition in which everyone is taking, they simply don’t have much options then. But for those there is a choice , live natural as much and as long as possible.

It’s a person’s choice to do it, so we are responsible for our own actions.

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