Step 1: Love What You Do!


Prospective, progressing and established PHARMDs of India

Keeping it simple and straight to the point; I, an Indian Pharm.D presently in process of building my career in the United States of America have realized the hurdles that we, as a whole set of professionals are continually facing in and out of our home country with regards to the quality of education that we attain by investing 6 long years of our lives!

There are a number of prospects that I have noticed ( and will separately include each of those in the upcoming posts) which negatively effects our quality of education and also tremendously demeans our self-confidence. The conduct we face as Pharm.D graduates either during our academic tenure or after that have a huge influence on the outcome that we provide on whole as Pharm.D professionals. 

By initiating this blog, I am aspiring to institute a platform which will assist the Pharm.Ds to develop the kind of knowledge which will boost their confidence to portray their skills for the betterment of the healthcare industry. I shall henceforth assure you all, though my post will not  be manifested as the subject-wise notes; but will augment your academic knowledge in the most simplified manner. We will discuss topics and chapters for therapeutics and the notes are compiled from all the standard text books, so that when you read them and use them you can be confident that they are legit and not made up. 

This post being the preface of this blog, a small instance of my personal experience would’nt be a bad idea. 

Pharm.D 2011 batch
First day
First class 

Every single person allotted a seat in my batch when persuaded for an introduction responded with a convinced response- ” Could not secure an admission for other  healthcare professions i.e. MBBS and BDS.”

The expression of my lecturers was even worse because, instead of encouraging the students about what they will be teaching, they went ahead stressing over how difficult it is to be a Pharm.D professional.  

Before you start navigating through my blog, get rid of the idea that, Pharm.D is imposed upon you and it is the result of your bad luck. No! Pharm.D is a chance, to prove that you are strong and talented enough to benchmark a profession by your talent and hard work. 

OWN IT ‘TO’ PROVE IT.  Unless you accept it as your own and take a responsibility for the better demonstration of your possession, you cannot make it evidently triumphant!

Another misconception I would like to discover on you all. The profession of Pharm.D in AMERICA is not much superior to that of India  (inspite of their extremely high level of education in terms of Pharm.D curriculum). The co-professionals are evenly incorporated in substantiating the comfort and support a Pharm.D could provide when given a chance to furnish the healthcare industry with their accomplishments and capabilities is almost at equal chapter world-wide!

Objective: To inculcate the right knowledge among the Pharm.Ds to provide them with a belief in their education to reciprocate towards any queries who confronts them for either a criticism associated with their academia or the future of our profession!

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